About me as a doula

Why I am a doula?

After finishing my degree in Anthropology and my Masters in the field of social sciences, I decided to answer an old calling and find my place in the world of women supporting women through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. And here I am, ready and looking forward to get to know you!


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How I understand my work as a doula?

I firmly believe in the difference that having a birth companion that supports and nurtures you can make in the experience of motherhood. Birth companions can offer another model of care for mothers and babies that confront the fear-based culture around childbirth and the imaginary of birth as a traumatic, fearful, painful event. As a doula, I work to bring back that sense of a loving, caring and empowering traditional woman-led process and space to your birth.  

I believe in the importance of reinforcing the concept of childbirth as an event that can be a positive experience for you, encouraging you to take your power back so you feel in charge of your own beautiful and unique birth, either it unfolds in a labor ward, in theatre, or in your own bed. The birth of your baby can be an empowering process for you as you carry and deliver this new life, being confident that the space where the birth takes place belongs to you and you deserve to feel respected and safe there. Your birth is yours! 

Never abandoning my anthropologist eye nor my passion for defending human rights and a culture of peace, I want my job as a doula to be part of a greater intersectional movement for social justice, woman's rights and for birth activism.

What is my role as your doula?

As your doula, I offer you my continuous, supportive presence during your pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum period. I am an unconditional companion. I am part of the support that helps to bring confidence and trust to your journey. I will dedicate my support to your birth parner too (if you have one), so she/he can focus the energy to take care of you and raise the oxytocin! 

As your doula, I stand beside you whatever your pregnancy, birth and postpartum-related choices are. I hold the space for your birth wherever you decide it to take place and however it unfolds all along the process. I trust your instinct and intuition and stay with you wherever it takes you. I respect and protect your decisions, and do my best to ensure you feel safe, confident and unconditionally loved while navigating through each one of the waves of this adventure.

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“Julia was very clam and enthusiastic person. She has every quality to become the perfect doula to help anyone as she understands the situation promptly and act without hesitation. The knowledge and the spontaneous nature of her style made me very comfortable during the beautiful but difficult time of my pregnancy and birth.”  K. 

''I met Julia when I was pregnant and considering to hire a doula for labour a birth. I soon realised that I would benefit from antenatal support as well, do Julia arranged some pregnancy yoga 1 to 1 classes with me. I enjoyed them so much that I wish we had more time together and that we had met earlier in my pregnancy! Julia's approach is calm and joyful, her yoga teaching was like a breeze of fresh air for me and I loved every part of it, from the relaxing music to the tailor made yoga  posture. I also enjoyed Julia's presence and kindness in the postpartum period when she was so kind to support myself and my new born baby with breastfeeding and recovery. I would certainly recommend her calming and loving presence to any mama and babies. Thank you Julia''