prenatal doula

Here we are, on our first official meeting as your doula: a safe, relaxed and friendly place where I will listen to you and your partner or the person that will be with you to welcome your baby earthside if there is one.

Listening to you means that I will be attentive and open to learn of your ideas, hopes, expectations and preferences around your birth, as well as to help you to explore and navigate through your fears, worries and concerns so they can be alleviated and you feel comforted and listened. 



During our prenatal meetings, I will try to provide you with a response to your specific needs regarding pregnancy, birth and early motherhood, making sure you walk into that journey with confidence, joy and peace of mind. 

I will do my best to ensure your questions are answered and your needs satisfied, wether it is by supporting you in preparing your birth plan, providing you with a one-to-one yoga session, meditation and massage, coaching you through positions to ease back pain during the last weeks of pregnancy or debriefing your previous birth experiences, among others.

As a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and a contemporary dancer, I can offer you advice and recomendations regarding postures, movements and breathing techniques to alleviate pain, release tension and improve your general wellbeing. I can offer as well a nice session focused on exploring and connecting with your body and your baby through gentle flows of yoga asanas.  Yoga can help you to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for labour, birth and life with your newborn! 

If its needed, I will also signpost you to more specialised sources of information, and we can find out what kind of additional support is available in your area. We can get in touch with reliable references and professionals that can assist you with further questions and needs (childbirth educators, phsycological or physical therapists, councellors, lactation educators, support groups, midwifes, doctors, etc). 

I will remind you that I am here to provide you with continuous care and support from the moment we decided I was going to be your doula and until you feel strong enough to continue your journey. That means that you can reach me by phone call, text message or email and I will try to answer as soon as possible, and meet you if you need it.