Postnatal doula

After the birth of your baby, I will stay with you during your immediate recovery, leaving after a couple of hours and making sure you and your new family are settling and ready for a deserved, nice rest. During this time I can support you with the skin-to-skin and first latch of the baby, as well as providing you with comfort and calmness. 

I will visit you a couple of times (or more if you need it) during the following two weeks in you own home. This will be a time for debriefing your birth if you would like to, for listening, answering and soothing any doubts or concerns you may have regarding the postpartum period -infant feeding, physical pains such as stiches, emotional and mental health, bonding with the baby, and in generall any question that may arise during your first days into motherhood (or as a mother of more than one child).

I will encourge you to feel confident in your ability to nurture and look after your newborn, in your deserved need to rest and to heal, and in your right to be compassionate and gentle with yourself. I am aware of how unsupportive our society can be with newborn mothers (because you too have been born as a mother!), and I want you to know that doulas are part of your tribe. 

During the following weeks after the birth of your baby (what is called ''the fourth trimestre'') I will still be available for you by phone calls, text messages and email, so you can get in touch with me, ask me any question, ask for advice, talk about your experience, etc. I can also offer you a one-to-one postnatal yoga session once you feel a bit recovered and ready for some restorative yoga asanas with your baby (at least after the first forty days after birth) that will help you reconnect with your body and restore a weakened pelvic floor, soothe a strain neck and shoulders and ease back pain (and of course, reduce anxiety, balance and calm down the mind!)