Labour and Birth

I will be On Call during two weeks before your estimated due date and until two weeks after this date. This means that you can call me at any time during the day and the night, and that I will come to you as soon as you want me to be with you. I will stay with you during your labour and until your baby is born, leaving you safe and comforted, ready to enjoy the cloud of oxytocin with your new family. 

You can call me as soon as you feel your labour starts, and I will always answer your doubts and appease your concerns, even if your baby is still not ready to come.

During labour, I will be with you, listening and sensing what do you need at every precise moment. It can mean quietly protecting your space from the background, holding your hand, providing you with food and liquids, encouraging your partner to comfort you, communicating with midwifes, doctors and other care providers, dancing with you, massaging your back, etc. 

Through an Active Birth approach, I will encourage you to move freely and to let your body move spontaneously if that is what feels right for you, finding the poses, the rhythms and rituals that feel best for you at every precise moment. 

I will speak soflty and positively, suggesting comfort measures for pain, movements and poses. I can also breath with you through your surges, positively reaffirming your power and recognizing and respecting your needs, validating your emotions and feelings. 

I will help to create a warm, intimate, cozy space, wheter it is in a hospital room or in your own house, so you feel undisturbed, cared for and safe.