Doula Services

As every woman and family is unique, and so every birth and journey into motherhood, I offer you an open heart and mind to provide you with the support and help you need to navigate whatever your choices are and however your journey unfolds. 

If you decide to get in touch with me, we will meet and get to know each other. This will be a free and no-obligation meeting, after which we will give ourselves the time to make a decision (whether we decide I am your doula or you would like to meet other doulas until you find the right one for you) I will encourage you to get in touch and meet with as many doulas as you need! There is a doula for every woman and a woman for every doula!


Any time I would be with you (and your birth partner if there is one), any time I will walk into the sacrality of your birthing space, wherever it is and however it looks like, I will be simply blessed with the honor to have been chosen by you to help you create a safe, warm, loving place for your birth; and to bring a calm, soft and positive energy to your journey.