Doula packages

I don't want money to be a concern for any woman regarding her right to feel cared and supported through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. So if for any reason the cost is too much for you, please do get in touch with me anyway and we can agree a price that is affordable for you.

I offer you a basic package of Birth Doula services that include:

-2/3 or more prenatal appointments (it can include pregnancy yoga sessions and guided meditations!)

-Phone, email and message support during pregnancy and postpartum days

-On Call during Labour and Birth (from two weeks before your EDD and until two weeks after this date)

-Labour and Birth support

-2/3 or more postnatal appointments

The cost is £400

I also offer extra 2 hr one-to-one Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga, meditation and massage sessions, we can discuss the prices once we meet.